Company statement on the current situation

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Dear business partners,

the exceptional situation, we all have to face now in relation to the situation around COVID-19, forces us to change our mind and activities. This is a global impact issue where we cannot predict its duration or economic and social impacts.

Our company would like to inform you that even in this extremely difficult time we are here for you and perform our contractual obligations in the required time and quality.

In the event of an unexpected outage or necessary repairs on your equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange repairs in the possible shortest time.

We also accept your requests and are able to secure our offers.

The health of our employees and your – our business partners – has the highest priority and therefore the prerequisite for fullfilling the above-mentioned services is compliance with the measures set by the Government of the Czech Republic to protect the public health.

In respect and knowledge of the Constitution of the Czech Republic and its legislative base, please, take into account that the only thing we can ensure are the medical examination set by law. Other examinations included blood and other tests are in responsibility of each person. Therefore we do not ensure and pay this service for the workers of DITHERM a.s.

We approach current events with caution and respect. We deeply believe that the situation will be better again.

Thank you for your cooperation and stay healthy.

The Management of DITHERM a.s.