Projekt Šance – we care for others

  Projekt Šance – we care for others

For five years now, DITHERM has been financially supporting Project Šance, which has had only one goal for the past 20 years - to help children and teens from the streets and to teach them basic living and working habits.

Where the families, schools, and authorities have failed, the volunteer Project Šance steps in. The children and teenagers living in railway stations, canals and cellars are offered understanding, work, order and a view of the hope of life in which its clients receive human dignity, work, friends and new families.

Both Project Šance and its clients must often travel a long and complicated journey before they find a “new” life. Often, however, their common path takes them back to the very beginning. However, Project Šance remains a chance for every new target, even those not yet achieved. Who knows, perhaps one of these young people can find a new life in your company.

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