For this type of furnace, the lining is designed from fire resistant blocks with a water resistant additive, for temperatures of up to 1,150°C. For the ceiling of the furnace, we have designed fire resistant blocks suspended from ceramic anchors. The floor and walls of the furnace are made of walled insulating bricks. Masterfully executed assembly work can be seen on the floor of the furnace, which is characterized by multiple floor angles in different gradients.


The ceiling consists of fire resistant blocks, suspended from ceramic anchors.
Insulated with ceramic fibre mats and insulating concrete.


Insulation bricks were used for the floor, with ratings for the required temperature.
At the same time, however, we had to include mechanical damage resistance in the design.


Installation of the floor requires precision work for both the designers and shamoters, as they are sometimes irregularly angled at various gradients.


The openings are rammed. It is necessary to ensure the correct burner angle due to the flow of heat.
The flawless work of the shamoters can be seen on the vault.

First, we design…
280.000 hours spent by our project team on development
…then we realise
8,4 mil. hours spent by our team on constructions
Over the last 30 years
we have built
4,5 mil m² of linings.
For this, we have used
1 118 000 tons lining materials
We work for our investors
in 10 countries.  
Our linings can be found in
13 countries worldwide. Germany, Austria, Russia, China, USA.

We have saved our clients 3,650 days of maintenance, which corresponds to 10 years!
DITHERM a.s. celebrates 30 years on the market of the refractory linings in the Czech Republic and abroad. We have grown up into a reliable, pro-active and innovative company. We are the leaders in high technical level, in application technologies, in material development and quick set up Your trust, cooperation and welfare are the biggest pleasure for us.

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The services process



We carry out analyses on the mechanical and chemical properties of materials; we also design the composition of linings for the given parameters. We can calculate the thermal processes and prepare manuals for drying, and tempering the linings (procedures, drying and tempering curves, start-up curves, cooling curves etc.), to provide heat loss analysis and to deliver advanced project documentation including 2D and 3D drawings.

Project preparation

Project preparation

We manage the projects according to the principles and methodology of project management. This ensures professional and adequate access to customer needs, and technical solutions. The synergy of project teams contributes to rapid, expert and measurable outputs. We collect lining materials from suppliers from all around the world. Before realisation, we deliver disassembled and complete preparation for the realisation of the designed lining.

Realisation and implementation

Realisation and implementation

Implementation work is provided by professional workers who are trained to work safely in heavy industry conditions. We co-operate with a verified network of subcontractors. The implementation of the project is followed by supervision of the facades and professional consultancy activities.

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Close and fruitful cooperation between two companies lasts for nearly twenty-five years. DITHERM a.s. Praha, engaged in engineering, innovative designs and installations of refractory linings of thermal aggregates, and Průmyslová keramika Rájec-Jestřebí, a producer of predominantly non-shaped refractory masses and prefabricates made from these masses. A large number of quality linings have been created by this cooperation. Namely in the power generation industry (power and heating plant boilers firing a broad spectrum of fuels, waste incineration plants etc.), iron and non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical aggregates, etc. In the following article, we will focus on the development and installation of linings of tank smelting and holding furnaces for aluminum, in both design and material terms.


Company statement on the current situation

Dear business partners,

the exceptional situation, we all have to face now in relation to the situation around COVID-19, forces us to change our mind and activities. This is a global impact issue where we cannot predict its duration or economic and social impacts.