Planning and engineering

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The Project and Engineering Team provides comprehensive technical design and project documentation.

We provide:

  • introductory suggestions, consultations
  • designing new construction solutions and development of new application materials
  • calculations of thermal permeability and drying curves
  • monitoring and status analyses of aggregates, technical and expert reports
  • basic and detailed design
  • production documentation in 2D and 3D
  • modelling in 3D
  • Drawings of the actual condition
  • digitizing the original project documentation
  • expert supervision and consultation on commissioning of aggregates

3D modelling

The project team, among other things, provides complex engineering design and project documentation in the 3D model.

Benefits of 3D Modelling for customers:

  • user-friendly and technically accurate, with many perspectives and cross-section options
  • documentation is constantly up-to-date - it does not age
  • all changes are automatically archived in the software - significant savings of space and resources to ensure archiving
  • considerably higher data protection
  • greater ability to control and supervise repairs
  • professional training for using the software is within the framework of introducing the 3D model
  • zero cost of software acquisition