How customers see us

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We are professionals and they want to collaborate with us

Just like every year, we assessed feedback from our customers this year too, both from sales representatives and also from technical workers.

We ask questions in the following areas:

  • Commercial negotiations with representatives of DITHERM
  • Offers by DITHERM
  • Website and public presentation of DITHERM
  • Agreed deadlines for commencement of implementation, completion of work and handover of the work being met
  • Implementation of work being performed in a well-organised and well-arranged manner
  • Implementation of work being performed in line with the agreed schedule
  • Negotiations during implementation being on the required level and effective
  • During implementation of work, DITHERM complied with all legally determined and other requirements for occupational health and safety and fire safety
  • During implementation of work, DITHERM complied with all legally determined and other requirements for environmental protection
  • Work performed corresponds to the agreed quality
  • The technician and other persons commissioned with implementation of the work reacted in time and with expertise
  • Site cleaned and cleared after implementation
  • Any comments and claims raised during implementation were handled properly and on time
  • I would choose DITHERM a.s. for implementation of work the next time

Customers perceive negotiations with the sales representatives and technicians of DITHERM as very good, effective, business-like and timely. They still require more solutions for the given enquiry. On the other hand, they welcome a technical solution in the offer and even regard the price as appropriate.

They perceive reaction time to their enquiry, the content and comprehensibility of our offers as being on a high level.

Customers find what they are looking for on the website.

Feedback regarding work is extremely pleasing. Customers fully agree that it corresponds to the agreed quality. Work was performed on time and in a professional manner.

Customers perceive negotiations during implementation as no less excellent (business-like, effective, focused on the solution).

In the opinion of the customers, DITHERM complies with all legally determined requirements for health and safety and environmental protection.


It is very pleasing to learn that the percentage of customers who would recommend DITHERM to other customers increased to 100% and that 89% of respondents would use our services again in the future!