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  References   ČEZ Power station, Hodonín

Increasing the lifetime of boilers - DITHERM carried out a complete replacement of the bottom of the combustion chamber, including the steel structure and the recovery of the properties of the jet bottom; we also ensure replacement of combustion chambers, cyclones, exhaust ducts, ducts and siphons, ash coolers; among other things, we have worked out complete design documentation and designed and supplied refractory materials. The lining of these aggregates had to be 100 % resistant for biomass. This creates a strongly alkaline environment that is not good for the lining. Special materials have been developed in co-operation with the manufacturer to obtain the target level of resilience. Among other things, DITHERM has been able to dismantle and clean the bottom of the combustion chamber with a very high hardness. In 2012–2013.

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